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If you are looking for the Speech Language Neighborhood worksheets, please click on the Teachers Pay Teachers icon above. I am in the process of updating and moving all of my worksheets to that site to better organize and keep track of them. You’ll also find a number of resources I have recently developed specifically for my students with Autism. I hope your students will enjoy them as much as mine do!

Fun - these apps aren’t exactly educational, but can provide a minute or two of reward for engaging in work.

From a presentation I gave for the Association of Baltimore City Speech Language Pathologists (ABCSLP) on October 16, 2012. (
My thanks to ABCSLP for having me, and to everyone who attended, for their great questions/comments and positive energy!) The powerpoint presentation is here, as well as the App Resources guide:

Using the iPad and Apps Effectively in Speech and Language Therapy - the Powerpoint presentation from the session.

App Resources Guide -
Quick version of where I look to find and evaluate new apps prior to purchasing: ResourceGuide.pdf

Screen Shots of My iPad - per a request from one of the SLPs at the talk, here are screen shots from my iPad and how I have the apps categorized into folders. I don't have room on my iPad to include all of my apps, but these are the ones I am using as of the end of October, 2012.

Common Core

This widget is made available by Use it to explore the Common Core, and/or cut and paste standards into your therapy plans. (Coming soon… therapy plan templates!)

On-line Games & Activities

  • All major shows are represented. There are videos, stories, games
  • Mr. Rogers has a scene game (build it), Elmo has a rhyming game,
  • Arthur (Fact and opinion game, about face (facial exp),
  • Supermarket adventure (listening and following directions)
  • Effective detective (describing skills)

  • Three Levels, some advanced for older students
  • Beginner: Alphabetizing, following directions, phonemic Aw
  • Intermediate: Sentence grammar, Phonemic awareness
  • Advanced: Synonynms, Antonyms, Rhyming, Alliteration

ReadWrite Think
  • Interactive activities for all grades.Can select by grade
  • Great for working with older students.
  • Interactive story webs.
  • Flip a chip - vocabulary development
  • Writing poetry and prose
  • Mystery cube: writing a story
  • What's in the bag? Descritions and selecting obj

  • Interactive games and Stories for learning and fun
  • Reading: Madlibs (great interactive grammar activity)
  • Reading: Full length stories including Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Classic Funbrain: Grammar games
  • Playground: Quick 3-5 turn interactive games for rewards
  • Arcade: Longer games (not educational)

Fact Monster
  • Website for older students: Factual information with stories
  • Word Wise: Has easy to understand facts about parts of speech
  • Homework center: Dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia Search
  • World & News, U.S. info, People, Math and Money, Sports, Science

Nick Jr
  • Games for Preschool age students
  • All of the NickJr shows are represented with games and videos

All Nickelodeon Shows represented, not a good therapy site, but has kid friendly content that can be used to tell stories and/or summarize.

Eduplace (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Kids Tales: Great story developing activity with Parts of speech
  • Can use all of same artic sounds to make the story

Houghton Mifflin Content
Kids can access curriculum stories, play vocab games and supplemental materials for curriculum stories

Games for all ages. Subjects include Goosebumps, 39 clues, Captain underpants, Bone, Andy Griffith. Mostly games which could be used for language learning/teaching.
Look for I Spy.

Current Events and Stories for Older Students

Humanities information for higher grades, curriculum based searchable database, database of stories, links to interactive activities for students.

Science based activities for older students. Virtual surgeries, info about weather, simple machines.

UDL Book Builder
You can make your own books or look at Thousands of already made books. Great for Social Language as books have comprehension questions attached to them. Can also search for Public Library books

Creating Graphic Organizers

FlashLight Readers
  • Interactive site where kids can make objects move
  • You can choose a book and explore it.
  • A dogs life is a great tool for Younger students and verb learning.

Games, ideas for crafts, for elementary school age students

Kaboose preschool
Games and activities for preschool students.

Fisher Price,game_toddler,game_preschool
  • Great games for Infants, toddlers and preschool age students
  • Opposites, wh questions. What's different, and many more basic skills.

Can use lego making as a barrier game with 2 students

  • You have to subscribe, but this is a fantastic website!! Lots of video content about curriculum based topics.
  • Comprehension activities and more.
  • Different grade levels available.

For every question answered correctly, rice is donated to those who have no food.

Primary Games
  • Clearing House of links to games and other websites
  • Has "how to" videos

Nina Loves to Name things
Categorization games

Magic School Bus


Sesame Street
  • Fantastic games/activities for preschool and beginning Elem Students

  • Language activities/games
  • Great site to find activities for almost any subject

Matching, battleship, hangman for most speech sounds
More games for most speech sounds
More games for articulation at the bottom of the list

Junior's Web
Crossword puzzles, questions (ads enabled)

SLP Resources


Artgig Apps


Different Roads to Learning

Doonan Speech Therapy

Extra Special Kids LLC

Hamaguchi Apps

Haywoodsoft LLC

Golden Communications LLC

The Language Express, Inc.

Launchpad Toys

Little Bee Speech

Little Bit Studio



Loud Crow Interactive

MegaPops, LLC

Mobile Education

Model Me Kids, LLC

Natural Learning Concepts

Oceanhouse Media

Online Studio Productions LLC



Rantek/Mobile Montessori


See Here Studios, LLC

Sesame Workshop Apps

Shimon Young/ My Play Home

SLP TechTools

Smarty Ears


Super Duper Publications

Synapse Apps

Tactus Therapy

Talking Wizard

Timagine HB

Toca Boca

Third Chicken

Tribal Nova

ZunZun Books
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Jill Kuzmer's Social & Emotional Skill Sharing Site
Informative site created for teachers and speech language pathologists who work with students on social/emotional skills in the school setting.

Judith Kuster's Site
ASHA endorsed list of interactive online activities

Lisa Geary's Site
Great all-around speech blog with therapy ideas and activities

Speech Room News
A wonderful blog by Jenna Rayburn M.A., CCC-SLP. In it she provides easy to implement therapy ideas using a variety of techniques and materials. She has fantastic ideas on how to incorporate apps such as Angry Birds into traditional therapy (i.e., using a stuffed angry bird to knock over green plastic cups and then use the experience to write summaries and or sentences using target verbs). She also provides free downloadable worksheets to go along with her activities. Great site for therapy ideas!!

Apps 4 Children With Special Needs
Apps 4 Children With Special Needs is a site dedicated to providing reviews and information about educationally based apps. In addition, this site frequently offers giveaways and iPad give aways for children with special needs.

Apps for Speech Therapy
A blog written by Mirla Raz author of Help Me Talk: How to Teach a Child to Say the “R” sound in 15 easy lessons. Straight forward, honest reviews of a variety of apps and speech pathology topics.

Appy Mall
Brand new website that is an apple reseller which means that if you like the app you can click on the product and it will take you right to the iTunes store. Reviews are not very sophisticated, but it may be a good place to start, especially if you are looking for additional educationally based apps. Free apps category updated daily.

Consonantly Speaking
Website run by a young speech pathologist offering traditional therapy ideas as well as app reviews. She often has app code giveaways on her website and Facebook page.

Golden Communications LLC List of Apps for Older Students
A wonderful list of apps for older students compiled by SLP Marg Griffin of Golden Communications LLC, the makers of Enchanted Dictionary.

The iMums
The iMums - Amanda, Alison, Mary and Grace - are four mothers from different parts of the world dedicated to educating parents about the best digital stories, educational apps, fun games and technology products available for their children. They also offer the latest news in apps for kids, interesting articles, developer interviews, free apps and regular giveaways on the site and their Facebook page.

Moms With Apps
Moms With Apps was spearheaded by four moms who were developing family-friendly apps. What started as a small brainstorming session on cross-marketing soon grew into a much larger and more diverse collaboration of developers. Frequently have App Fridays where they give away codes for free apps on their Facebook page.

SLP Sharing
SLP Sharing is a great blog run by Eric Sailers of AtikPix. He provides current information about app use in therapy. Also see his personal website at

Smart Apps for Kids
Great site that reviews apps for parents and educators. They always have code giveaways on their site and FaceSpeechy Keen SLPbook page! Great place to find free app of the day info and lists of educationally based apps on sale.

Speechy Keen SLP
New website devoted to using apps in therapy as well as listing traditional therapy ideas.

Speech-Language Apps
Insightful app reviews from an experienced school based SLP, Dina Derrick, in Maine. For those who are new to iPads, there is great information on everything from selecting an iPad and setting up an iTunes account to how to redeem codes for apps.

Blog by Sean J. Sweeney, CCC-SLP, who is the ASHA presenter with all of the "sold out" sessions. His blog covers all aspects of technology use in speech language therapy, from computer programs and internet sites to iPad and app use and how to use web based materials in evidence based therapy.

The-Speech Guy
Jeremy Legaspi has been blogging about using the iPad in therapy since the release of the first iPad. He provides well thought out and comprehensive reviews and ideas on using apps in therapy.

Blog written for and by SLPs, OTs and PTs, concentrating on reviewing and commenting on new apps for iPad to be used in therapy sessions.

TiPS: Technology in Practice for S-LPs
Helpful blog run by Renena Joy, M.Sc., S-LP(C) and Kerry Clancey, M.Sc., S-LP(C). They provide a list of speech language therapy apps and how they re used in therapy. Both authors also participate in TherapyApp411.

For the more organized among us, educational technology expert Kathy Schrock provides a nice checklist entitled Critical Evaluation Of An Content-Based iPad/iPod App on her website.

Facebook Pages

Speech Language Neighborhood

The Facebook page for this web site. Follow us to find out when a new review is posted. I also post information about app giveaways, etc., as I come across them.

Consonantly Speaking

The iMums

Moms With Apps

Smart Apps For Kids

Speech Room News

Speech Techie

Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook account you can ask to become a member of any of the groups listed below (click the "join group" button near the top right of the page). This is often where I find apps that are on sale or a free for a day or an hour. This is also where I find free app giveaways...and post when I have a new review up on my site.


When you become a member of the SLPeeps Facebook group you will have access to an entire list of Speech and language app review sites (under “Files”) Great resource for staying up to date!! The moderator is constantly updating the list.

iTeach Special Education

SLPs Talk Apps

Apps for Apraxia Kids

iPad apps and info for special kids

I don't have an opportunity to work with adults, however, Megan at Tactus Therapy has posted a wonderful list of apps for working with this population.